Junkkari Finland 2016

A unique weekend with Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift!

At the invitation of the owners of our offspring Everest v.d. Stroomdrift, Ginger participated  at the Junkkari 2016 Lapua Finland on September 24th and 25th. During this annual event young pointing dogs try to get a cerificate. From a total of 290 participants, there were 88 German Shorthaired Pointers.

The first day the exterior inspection took place. The judges evaluated the dogs on more than 50 characteristics and test them to the Breed Standard. Unfortunately, Ginger did not want to show itself, which did not help her movement. This makes that the overall picture was assessed with a Very Good. Her brother Gangster got an Excellent.

The second day was much more interesting for Ginger. The working abilities of the dogs were tested on the fieldwork and retrieve parts. During Waterwork (retrieve a duck) Ginger had a lot of trouble with the cold water. While training in the Netherlands was the temperature nearly 25 degrees higher! Luckily we were still awarded 2 out of 5 points. Retrieving a pheasant in the field was much better. With a small mistake, she dropped the pheasant, she earned 4 out of 5 points. The fieldwork it self was surely anything else as we are used to. In Finland, the dogs are evaluated in field approach to wheat stubble, herbaceous and forest. We\'re habituated to wheat stubble, but in these fields are everywhere deep ditches. A pheasant can easily run away and it is a challenge for young dogs to block them.

The judge was very impressed with Ginger's speed. During her first run she had a pheasant after 20 minutes. Unfortunately, he came too briefly. With a so-called \"point au tapp\" the pheasant flew up. Fortunately Ginger also remained standing after the shot of a shotgun. Her second run was very spectacular. She adapted easily to each type of field we encountered. Even in the dense forest she kept good contact with the handler. After more than 25 minutes we had to stop. We had not encountered any pheasants or partridges. But unfortunately Ginger did have an empty arret. In the afternoon two dogs were asked back for a third run. Ginger was one of these dogs, she really had to find a fanzant! And after more than 20 minutes, we had almost given up hope, she point on the edge of the woods. After a nice arret she pused the pheasant from the bushes.

But after all the results were known, it became clear how difficult it was. Of the 143 dogs on this Fieldtrailday the next cerificaten were earned:At the end of the day all the dogs in the group were discussed by the judge. Of the 7 participants in this group 2 dogs had obtained a certificate. Ginger, together with another Shorthair Pointer, won a Second Prize. Missing the first pheasant at the first run and a empty arret at the second run were very heavily charged by the judge. Along with the quality of the apports the total score was not enough for a First Prize. Gangster was not able to obtain a Prize.

  •   9 x First Prize     (NUO1)
  • 23 x Second Prize (NUO2)
  • 16 x Third Prize    (NUO3)