Sanjon Chessie CACT-CACIT

At the International Field Trail (CACIT - couple) IJzendijke Friday, 27 March, 
Sanjon Chessie got a CACT-CACIT out of 15 dogs from judges P.J. Eering and H. Companjen

Winnen this qualification Chessie can be nomineted for the title "Dutch Working Champion".

Flash v.d. Stroomdrift Belgum Field Trail

On Sunday 29 March Flash v.d. Stroomdrift got a qualification at a Field Trail competition at Opbrakel Belgum.

Dutch field trail season has started

Last week the first field trails were held in the southern Netherlands.

Flash v.d. Stroomdrift was one of the two dogs who had a qualification on Saturday, 7th March at Tungelroy. In total there were 28 participants. Good result Peter and Flash.


Flash v.d. Stroomdrift offspring

April 2015 Flash v.d. Stroomdrift produced two strong litters. 

English litter

Dutch litter

Coppa del Mondo Kurzhaar Spain

Sanjon Chessie was selected for the Dutch equip to participated at the :
Coppa del Mondo 2015, Marchena Spain February 17 & 18. 
Unfortunately no qualifications for the Dutch dogs, but it was a great experience. 

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