Sanjon Chessie Dutch Diana Prize 2015

By achieving a CACT (Field trail) and a Excellent (Show)

Sanjon Chessie is awarded with a Dutch Diana Prize (Dianaprijs 2015) bij ORWEJA

H-Litter training Lochem


End of a difficult Fieldtrail season

At the last weekend of the Spring Competition Flash v.d. Stroomdrift go a very good qualification with judge A.J. Baijens.


The results of a nice and difficult season:

Sanjon Chessie

27-03-2015 IJzendijke - 1 Excellent CACT-CACIT

30-03-2015 Nieuwvliet - 2 Very Good 


Flash v.d. Stroomdrift

17-04-2015 IJzendijke - 2 Very Good

29-03-2015 Opbrakel (Be) - Very Good

07-03-2015 Tungelroy - 2 Good


Flair and Fadette could not jet qualify, me be the next season. 

Pups expected August 2015

from parent combination 

Flow v.d. Stroomdrift


Sanjon Chessie 

if you are interested, please contact us

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Sanjon Chessie next qualification

At the International Field Trail (CACIT - couple) Nieuwvliet Monday, 30 March, 
Sanjon Chessie got her next qualification from judges P.L.M.J. Rooijakkers and F. Indekeu (Be).

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