Nieuws 2017

Dutch Dog of the Year Show 2016

Agan our Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift was invited for Best of the Best 2016 Dutch "Dog of the Year Show" ("Hond van het Jaarshow 2016"). It is rear a short haired dog at Dog Group IIV will enter this Big event. Even as in 2015 Ginger managed in 2016 to be selected in the top 3 BIG at a Dutch Dogshow. This time she was 3 BIG at the HollandCup November 4. 

The "Dog of the Year Show 2016" was on Sunday January 15. Judged mr W. Wellens had a difficult task selecting the winner of Group IIV. It was an honer to be part of the big group (36 dogs) of "Pointing Dogs".

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