Nieuws 2017

Horam v.d. Stroomdrift Res CACT Res CACIT

During the first fieldtrails of the Spanish season Horam v.d. Stroomdrift achieved a fantastic result:

  ---- 2U Res CACT Res CACIT ----- 

Thanks judge Mr. F.J. Chicho for this special December 10 at Fuentes de Andalucia.

Pestontrol Oktober 2017

At a nice sunny Saturday morning flussing out some waterfowl for the guns. To prevent crop damage and keep the farmers happy. Fëa v.d. Stroomdirft did very well and we got 26 birds in the bag.

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift CAC CACIB

At the first Dutch Evening show Echt July 3, Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift became CAC CACIB Best Female by judge T. Leenen (BE).

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift Dutch Champion

At the International Show Echt Sundag July 3, Ginger received a Excellent CAC CACIB.
With this result she became Dutch Show Champion:

    Echt 2017 - July 3 - CAC CACIB BOS
    Amsterdam 2016 - December 9 - CAC CACIB BOB 3BIG
    Bleiswijk 2016 - November 6 - CAC CACIB BOS
    Cuijk 2015 - December 18 - CAC BOB 2BIG


Dutch Clubmatch 2017

At the Dutch GSP Clubmatch, Sunday June 11, Ch. Hella v.d. Stroomdrift became
Reserve Best female out of 35 competitors.

Other Stroomdrift dogs:

   - Ch. Flash v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 1 Championsclass
   - Ch. Flair v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 2 Workingclass
   - Sanjon Chessie - Excellent 1 Workingclass
   - Ghost v.d. Stroomdrift - Very Good Openclass
   - Hondo v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 1 Workingclass
   - Horam v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 3 Workingclass
   - Hiva v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 4 Openclass
   - Herne v.d. Stroomdrift - Very Good 2 Breedersclass
   - Iris v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 3 Intermediarclass
   - Ilian v.d. Stroomdrift - Very Good 4 Intermedairclass

Championsclass males
Flash v.d. Stroomdrift

Championsclass females
Hella v.d. Stroomdrift

Workingsclass females
Sanjon Chessie - Flair v.d. Stroomdrift

Workingclass males
Hondo - Horam v.d. Stroomdrift

Internmediarclass females
Iris - Ilian v.d. Stroomdrift

Openclass females
Hiva v.d. Stroomdrift

At the end of this beautiful day our H-Litter became first at the Breedersgroup competition.
Chessie and Herne became second in the Coupleclass.

Breedersgroup 1
Hondo - Hella - Herne v.d. Stroomdrift

Coupleclass 2
Sanjon Chessie - Herne v.d. Stroomdrift

Offspring from Flash v.d. Stroomdrift:

   - Jimmy v.d. Pierschehille - Reserve CAC males
   - Kwint v.d. Pierschehille - Excellent 2 Juniorclass
   - Blazer vom Mesdag-Vuurtoren - Excellent 2 Intermediarclass
   - Bailey-Bella vom Mesdag-Vuurtoren - Excellent 2 Intermediarclass
   - Jaylee v.d. Pierschehille - Excellent 2 Openclass
   - Jacky v.d. Pierschehille - Excellent 2 Breedersclass
   - King Parker v.d. Pierschehille - Very Good
   - Kliff v.d. Pierschehille - Very Good Juniorclass
   - Kensi v.d. Pierschehille - Very Good Juniorclass

Offspring from Flow v.d. Stroomdrift:

   - Syb v. Duinkercke - Excellent 3 Juniorclass

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