Flair v.d. Stroomdrift did it again

At the Dutch Clubmatch, Saterday June 4, Flair became Best female CAC out of 31 competitors. 

Her offspring did Excellent and became first at the Breedersgroup.

Hoka, Hondo, Hella and Hiva v.d. Stroomdrift with judges H.J.M. Leenen (NL) and G.I. Wulder-Koster (NL)

All our dogs did well, each in its own class :
  Flair v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 1 CAC BOS - Champions class 
  Hiva v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 1 - Intermidiate class
  Hella v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 2 - Junior class
  Hondo v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 2 - Working class
  Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift - Excellent 2 - Working class
  Hoka v.d. Stroomdrift - Very Good - Intermidiate class
  Ghost v.d. Stroomdrift - Good - Intermidiate class

Hiva v.d. Stroomdrift

Hella v.d. Stroomdrift

Hondo v.d. Stroomdrift

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift

Dutch Huntingdogshow 2016

At the Dutch Huntingdogshow on Sunday May 22, Hella v.d. Stroomdrift became Best Female and Best of Breed by judge W. Wellens (NL). Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift became Best Working Dog. At the end of a long and rainy dag Hella also wins the "Goesten wisselprijs" for Best German Pointer.

Hella v.d. Stroomdrift 1U CAC BOB

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift 1U Best Working Dog

Hella v.d. Stroomdrift "Goesten Wisselprijs"

End of the Sping Fieldtrail Competition 2016

At the last weekend of the Fieldtrail Spring Competition on Saterday April 30 Ginger, Hondo and Hella participate. None of the dogs got a qualification, but Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift got a "honorable mention" from judge J. Haegeman.

"Walk up" to the Fields

Ginger v.d. Stroormdrift

Hondo v.d. Stroomdirft

The results of a nice Young Dogs Season:

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift

  30-04-2016 St. Annaland - Honorable mention

  16-04-2016 IJzendijke - 1 Excellent

  15-04-2016 Zuidzande - 3 Very Good

  02-04-2016 Nieuwvliet - 2 Good

  09-03-2016 Beegden - 3 Good


Herne v.d. Stroomdrift

  15-04-2016 Zuidzane - 2 Very Good


Hondo v.d. Stroomdrift

  09-03-2016 Beegden - 3 Good


Hella v.d. Stroomdrift and Horam v.d. Stroomdrift will get another chance in Autumn.

Hoka v.d. Stroomdrift Springtest

Hoka v.d. Stroomdrift passed the Spring Clubtest on Saterday May 7 at Lochem.

Young dogs Fieldtrail competition IJzendijke

At the last Fliedtrail competition from de Dutch Longhair Club, at IJzendijke on Saterday April 16, we have had the surprise of the Season. Three of our "Stroomdrifters" participate in a total of twenty three young dogs. End of the day ten dogs were qualified. Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift became Best of the day with the qualification "Excellent" (highest possible for a Young dog) by judge H. Companjen.