Nieuws 2016

End of the Autumn Fieldtrail Competition 2016

During the last season of our young dogs G- and H-litter we achieved good results. Even at the last competitionday Even during the last competition we won some nice qualifications. Hondo got a 2 Very Good and his brother Herne v.d. Stroomdrift 3 Good bij judge C.B. Woets (NL).

The results of the last Young Dogs Season:

Herne v.d. Stroomdrift

  07-10-2016 Tholen/Steenbergen - 3 Good
  24-09-2016 Cromstijen - 1 Very Good

Hondo v.d. Stroomdrift

  07-10-2016 Tholen/Steenbergen - 2 Very Good

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift

  08-09-2016 Lithoijen - 2 Good

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