Nieuws 2016

First Show at 2016

We had high expectations for Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift at the first show of the year at Eindhoven (NL).
After a rather strange start, a change of the judge, it looked promising. But with some up and down walking Ginger seemed limp. So the judge decided to close her out.

But the judgereport say it all .... what a disappointment.

Eindhoven (NL) : January 22 2016
Judge : Mrs R. Lochs - Romans (NL)
15 months old, very nice type. Good balance in body height and length. Head in good proportions with feminine look. Shows a beautiful curve of the nosebridge which gives the head a beautiful appearance. Good angulation for age and nicely developed body. Good  coat. A pity she is limping on her left hind leg, therefore no qualification is given.

Luckily there was another "Stroomdrift" descendant "Jaylee v.d. Pierschehille" daughter of Flash v.d. Stroomdrift. She was Best female with a excellent and CAC.