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Horam v.d. Stroomdrift Waterlandkerkje

Horam v.d. Stroomdrift and Ingrid Stroomder knew for the first time in the Netherlands to qualify during the EBCN competition at Waterlandkerkje : 4th Very Good.


World Championship France

On April 2 and 3 the CFBA organised the Sping Wold Championship Deutsch Kurzhaar. At the great Fields of Champagne our young dog Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift did well. Unfortunately she did not qualify.

The Dutch team :
Lora del Cakic (Will v.d. Langenberg) - Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift (Nicole Aarts) - Carlos v.d. Rovertsche Leij (Ton Wouters)

Two fantastic days with competitions at wheat fields and raps. We saw several partridges but especially al lot of Roe Deer.

Pups born March 9

On Friday March 9 - 6 pups are born from parents 

Hondo v.d. Stroomdrift


Fadette du Nid aux Nobles

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Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift Aldekerk (DE)

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift achieved a great result at the first Dutch Spring Fieldtrail competiton in Aldekerk Germany.

April 25 was a sunny Sunday but the wind was whirling and sometimes completely gone. With at least 7 hares in her cours, Ginger stil managed to find the partridges. The other participant did not succeed. At the end of the day Ginger was the only one who had qualified (out of 15 dogs) :
Daywinner with a 1st Very Good.

Primavera Spain 2018

At the Sping competition "Primavera Andalucia" of Spain our dogs did very well.

A specialy Horam v.d. Stroomdrift was a great hit !
With 9 qualifications out of 15 days, Horma and his handler Andres Zamora proved to be a unforgettable team !

Horam v.d. Stroomdrift

date place type judge qualification
17-02-2018 Fuentes de Andalucia (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. C. Beltran (AR) 4 Excellent
14-02-3018 Marchena (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. G. Molinari (I) 5 Excellent
11-02-2018 Marchena (ES) Special de Rasa mr. R. Savic (RS) 2 Excellent
09-02-2018 Marchena - Sevilla (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. J. Vitorinp (P) 3 Very Good
08-02-2018 Marchena (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. G.J. Scheffer (NL) 3 Excellent
03-02-2018 Lantejuela (ES)  CACT CACIT solo mr. M. Faro (ES) 4 Excellent 
02-02-2018 Lantejuela (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. A. Iglesias (ES) 3 Excellent 
28-01-2018 Fuentes de Andalucia (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. J.L. del Castillo (ES) CACT 
10-12-2017 Fuentes de Andalucia (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. F.J. Chicho (ES) Res CACT-Res CACIT 


At the last week Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift participate for 3 days. She olso managed to qualify.

Ginger v.d. Stroomdrift

date place type judge qualification
13-02-2018 Marchena (ES) CACT CACIT solo mr. M. Olaya (ES) 5 Very Good


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